Josper Oven

10 Facts about a Josper Oven

10 Facts about a Josper Oven In March 2017 we were closed for two weeks to install our Josper oven. But what is a Josper oven? Read more to find out! 1/ Burning top quality charcoal, The Josper is the hottest indoor barbecue available. 2/ Although we call it an oven it’s predominantly a grill! 3/ It’s high operating temperature allows you to grill and roast, preventing the product from baking. 4/ It adds a flavour of the finest embers, a unique texture and juiciness in all products such as whole barbequed fish, halloumi and steaks. 5/ This type of oven is popular among chefs because the oven retains the flavour and moisture in foods that normally escape with regular ovens. 6/ The Josper has been around for 40 years. 7/ It was created by Josep Armangue and Pere Juli. 8/ It was designed with two adjustable draughts: one at the bottom to draw in air and one at the top to let out smoke and combustion gases. 9/ It operates in a similar fashion to the mechanism behind the Aga cooker. 10/ The Josper can reach temperatures as high as 300°C. View our sample menu to see the dishes cooked from the Josper.