Storm Emma 2018


What a Week!

Well, what a week we’ve had here in Beesands. First the arrival of the ‘Beast from the East’ bringing a hefty amount of snow, blizzard conditions and snow drifts. Many of you know the hills and lanes down to the village so without any salt spreaders we were pretty much cut off! It all started off very exciting, not seen that amount of snow down here for years! 

 Image from Forest & Beach

Until…. Storm Emma. She hit here early Friday morning, with fierce winds and high waves causing mayhem to Beesands, Hallsands and Torcross. We woke to find boats and debris on the road, homes flooded, the yard destroyed, and the foreshore yet again eroded which meant the road to the Cellars (end towards Torcross) was lost to the sea. 

 Image from Forest & Beach

Torcross was also hit hard, with the A379 destroyed and literally cut in half. An awful day for all. Luckily the pub withstood any damage other than outside seating being flung about and a soggy entrance mat.

 Image from Forest & Beach

However, community spirit is very high in Beesands with locals hard at it clearing up to quickly get things back to normal. Some things my take long than others to sort out but we’re pulling together as much as we can. We’re yet to hear regarding the road at Torcross as to whether it will be rebuilt or not but we’re hoping it will.

On the upside, although the storm has caused a lot of damage to the area, ‘Emma’ brought with her NE and E winds which has increased the shingle level to the beaches, which should in turn help defences. In the past, recent storms tended to be SE and S winds which have previously removed the shingle.

We’ve only been open for drinks over the last few days but as things start to get back to normal and deliveries are on route we will be open for food from 6pm on Tuesday 6th March.